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PLATO Learning










Courses Developed:


Reading 2*

Reading I and II*

Writing I and II*

English 7*

English 8*

English 9*

English 10*

English 11*

English 12*

Advanced English (AP Lit.)**

Math - Elementary Series 2*


Beginning Algebra*

Intermediate Algebra*

Advanced Algebra*




Advanced Calculus (AP)**

Civics (MS)*

US History (MS)*

US History I*

US History II*

Advanced US History (AP)**

World History*

Advanced World History (AP)*


U.S. Government*


Physical Science (MS)*


Advanced Biology (AP)**


Advanced Chemistry (AP)**


Advanced Physics (AP)**

Integrated Chem/Physics*


*Standards alignment and scope and sequence development and/or partial course development

**Full course design/development


C3 responsibilities for all course development projects include some or all of the following:


•alignment of state and national standards (five states minimum per course) and development of composite standards for comprehensive coverage;

•development of curriculum scope and sequence organized by semester and unit and including terminal and enabling objectives, prerequisites, standards alignment and textbook recommendations;

•design and development of lesson plans to meet learning objectives and standards;

•design and development of project-based culminating unit activities;

•incorporation of original content instruction and design of formative assessment opportunities, ancillary materials such as concept maps, graphic organizers, and self-assessment rubrics;

•development of all post-unit and end of semester assessment tools; and,

•development of course-specific teacher guides including resource lists and pacing guides.



PLATO Courses® Online Electives Course Design


C3 development also included the design of four interactive electives courses.  C3’s responsibilities included:


Scope and Sequence

•review of content standards from five different states to create a comprehensive list of aligned learning standards in each subject; and,

•use of standards alignment composites to create a comprehensive scope and sequence for each course (note: each scope and sequence included terminal objectives, enabling objectives, and prerequisite skills).


Lesson Design

•creation of lesson design documents and storyboards for selected lessons within the scope and sequence; and,

•research and suggestion of assets and interactive elements for inclusion in each lesson.


Courses completed:

•Art History & Appreciation

•Computer Applications & Technology

•Consumer Mathematics




PLATO Learning Paths


C3 created 44 "learning paths" for secondary/post-secondary students and adults to use existing PLATO content to prepare for exams including those for GED, Praxis, Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE), Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), COMPASS, Accuplacer, SAT I Language Arts, SAT I Mathematics, and more. For each path, C3 aligned existing PLATO courseware to the standards and objectives of the specific tests to create online learning resources that adults and high school aged students can use to prepare for the examinations.


PLATO Online Assessments Bank Project


C3 developed and programmed over 4,300 assessment items for inclusion in an online database and delivery system to be compatible with PLATO customers' test delivery systems in multiple states across the United States.  C3 managed subject matter experts in history, biology, chemistry, physics, English/language arts, and writing to develop assessments (including finding or creating images and developing writing/reading passages) for students in grades K–12.  Additionally, C3 was responsible for inputting the items and images into an online VLE tool for access by PLATO’s customers, stringing test items, associating individual items with specific assessments, and publishing the finished tests.  


PLATO Courses® Implementation Training Kit


C3 created a professional development resource and training kit to assist teachers in more than 1,200 school districts and community colleges in all 50 states with implementing PLATO's collection of secondary course models.  The kit consists of training in both content management and use of the interactive management system that allowed for customization of courses through the addition or removal of modules and for tracking student progress. C3 responsibilities included research, writing, editing and document formatting for both participant and facilitator guides.



PLATO Exam Intervention® Professional Development Kit


C3 created a professional development resource and training kit to assist facilitators working with teachers on a district-wide level to implement online courses in high-stakes exam preparation.  The kit was designed with a facilitator guide (for the PD trainer) and a participant guide (for teachers).  C3 responsibilities included the development of the comprehensive program overview, design and writing of each training session, peer review, editing, and final document formatting.