C3 provides expertise in instructional design, content development, interactive programming, and project management. Staffed to provide virtually around-the-clock service availability, C3 provides our clients—including the National Geographic Society, PLATO Learning, Inc., and MarcoPolo Education Foundation—with a broad range of education and education technology services.

C3 is staffed with educators experienced in all disciplines and grade levels. Ranging from elementary literacy development to science and health to advanced-level humanities expertise, our team has not only an understanding of classroom practices, but also a keen awareness of and focus on current trends in education, including an emphasis on teaching and learning standards.

Most organizations have a vested interest in promoting educational programs in the United States, and C3 can help to create curricular resources with sound educational content that use age-appropriate pedagogical techniques and are sensitive to today’s diverse learners.

Wonderful!  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate all your hard work...  Thank your whole team from all of us here... We really enjoy working with you and are very happy with the quality and amazing turn-around of your work. It is great to have you on our team.

C3 is pleased to have been selected by National Geographic Films to develop classroom materials that highlight themes from their summer blockbuster March of the Penguins...

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