C3 can provide a complete educational package, custom-made for your corporation, including concept initiation, research and presentation materials, curricular and web content, and ongoing maintenance and development. We can also evaluate existing materials and help identify places where gaps in existing resources best match the goals of your company.



C3 can be the voice of the teacher during the development process, helping to ensure that the product or service you ultimately offer to educators and students will meet their needs.





C3 provides expertise in instructional design, content development, interactive design, and project management. Staffed to provide virtually around-the-clock service availability, C3 provides our clients—including the National Geographic Society, PLATO Learning, Inc., and MarcoPolo Education Foundation—with a broad range of education and education technology services. C3 is staffed with educators experienced in all disciplines and grade levels. Ranging from elementary literacy development to science and health to advanced-level humanities expertise, our team has not only an understanding of classroom practices, but also a keen awareness of and focus on current trends in education, including an emphasis on teaching and learning standards.


Most organizations have a vested interest in promoting educational programs in the United States, and C3 can help to create curricular resources with sound educational content that use age-appropriate pedagogical techniques and are sensitive to today’s diverse learners. Too often, companies develop educational materials without the input of educators, only to find that their materials are not used. Our clients recognize that working with C3's team of educators, writers, and editors helps ensure that their product will meet the needs of the educators for whom it is intended. Working with our clients, we have developed materials and services that have been used in every state, by millions of teachers and tens of millions of students.


Because we often work behind the scenes, helping our clients to create materials that are distributed under their identity, we are not able to provide a full list of clients and projects. Some clients, such as National Geographic's Xpeditions, have chosen to acknowledge C3's contributions on their sites and materials. Others prefer to publish the materials solely under their own names, but have enthusiastically recommended C3's services to their colleagues. Some clients have come to us with an idea and relied on C3's educational expertise to bring that idea to life. Others have asked for our help in determining how best they can contribute to the materials currently available for teachers. Whatever our clients' diverse preferences and needs, they do have one thing in common—they speak highly of us.

Oh. my. god. That is fantastic! I'm so glad you're more organized than I have been. I've got some resolutions about that...


Mike Palmquist  *  Director of Development  *  Capstone Digital


I have to also tell you that, as you probably know, your work with other account managers at Kaleidoscope has always been highly lauded, but I am so glad to have had the chance to work with you personally!  I hope we can work together again soon.

Emmy Miller  *  Account Manager  *  Kaleidoscope Marketing Group


So, you're probably not going to believe this....but between the folks that have reviewed this here internally and the Client there's not a single change to the curriculum. Not one. According to them they shared it with corporate communications and they were great with it. Also, my colleagues didn't have a peep on this. Long story short, were good to go. Thanks!

Harry Mulkey  *  Chief MArchitect  *  Current 360


C3 was truly a great help to us over the summer.  As you know, she is an outstanding project manager, and C3 continues to impress me with the amount of talent you are able to rapidly deploy to solve any number of problems.

Bill Jewell  *  Vice President, Digital Media and Technology  *  The JASON Project


Your group has consistently provided high-quality work and creative thinking on all of the projects that we've worked on together, and I will definitely look for opportunities for us to continue to work together...You certainly make it easy to do business with you! And I appreciate that.

Melissa Kelly Davies  *  Director of Client Services  *  MMS Education


Sharon and I just ran through the tool very quickly, and we're very excited. I smiled and clapped my hands even!  Thank you for your work on this. It's looking great.

Traci Gardner  *  Online Content Developer  *  National Council of Teachers of English


Excellent news on getting the final Social Studies assessment items to us 2 days early.  Thanks for the hustle on your end!  

Pete Rogan  *  Senior Instructional Designer  *  PLATO Learning, Inc.


It has been great to work as part of such a professional team.  Especially with the challenge of getting so many lesson plans live so quickly -- and me new to NGS — things could not have gone much more smoothly.

Patricia Norris  *  Producer  *  National Geographic Society


I just want to say that I'm very impressed with how far you've come since we started this process.  The creativity and design challenges for pleasing a diverse educational team must be tough. I think you do an incredible job incorporating our feedback. I'm looking forward to bringing your work online through Science NetLinks.

Suzanne Thurston  *  Website Management  *  AAAS


These lesson plans look terrific. So creative. I think these will be great for Weeping Camel. I really enjoyed the whole diving into rituals aspect. It was interesting for me to look at the differences for the different age groups, and you incorporated Weeping Camel so perfectly. What a talented team. Thank you so much for supporting our division and the release of the DVD.

Katherine Evans  *  Vice President, Acquisitions  *  National Geographic Feature Films


I think it is wonderful!  It’s well-structured and well-scoped.  Lots of good support for the writers in the details and examples.  A pleasure to review.

Patricia Luopa  *  Director of Curriculum Development  *  PLATO Learning, Inc


Thank you for the assessment items delivery. Yet again I am extremely pleased. I come up with a 98.6% initial acceptance rate. OUTSTANDING!  Thanks again for all the work, getting me the items on the day requested, and fixing concerns so quickly.

Douglas Amos  *  Instructional Designer  *  PLATO Learning, Inc.


First, let me say you have done an outstanding job on the guide and after our discussion this morning it will be ready to go. I can't think of any more you could possibly do with it at this point. The rest will be guidance and training to the curators. Great work! Fantastic job!!! Very exciting. I'm so glad to have you as a partner - sounds like you are doing an outstanding job on the Curation piece and focusing on the right details!!!

Caleb Schutz  *  CEO  *  SURATION, Inc.


Thanks so much for your quality and timeliness.  PLATO Learning, Inc. appreciates your dedication and support.

Todd Brekhus  *  Director of Product Management  *  PLATO Learning