Sigrid Frandsen 

Founder, Partner, and President


Sigrid began her career in the classroom in District of Columbia Public Schools, and subsequently taught in western Pennsylvania. After leaving the classroom, Sigrid managed content and professional development in a variety of nonprofit initiatives and educational foundations with a focus on educational technologies. In 2000, she established C3 to provide educational content to third-party organizations with a vested interested in educational endeavors. Sigrid holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from American University and an M.S.Ed. in Education Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.


Kristina Ellis

Senior Director of Instruction


As a mentor to Sigrid since the early 90's, Kristina was a creative force behind C3's early ideation. Kristina joined C3 as a partner in 2003 and brought a wealth of experience executing national programs. Kristina also began her career teaching in DC public schools and then moved on to help develop the 21st Century Teacher's Network, an educator technology initative launched by the Clinton Adminstration. She then went on to help build the MarcoPolo Project. Kristina has a B.A. in Elementary Education from American University and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland.


Sue has been an educator since 1985 with experience at preschool, elementary, kindergarten, high school, and adult education levels. She earned her Elementary Education teaching certification from the State University of New York at Geneseo, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She completed her Master of Science degree at Nazareth College of Rochester and is certified as a K-12 reading teacher in New York State. Sue joined C3 in 2002.


Sue Carmichael * Sr. Project Manager and ELA Content Team Lead * Henrietta, NY

Chris earned both a B.S. in Mathematics/Secondary Education and an M.Ed. in Adolescent Development from the University of Maryland. Chris has taught both advanced and gifted & talented courses in mathematics. He has also been an SAT instructor and participated in research on alternative ways of teaching algebra and developing algebraic thinking in students.


Chris Tappis * Mathematics Content Developer and Team Lead * Potomac, MD

Kate graduated from the University of Durham, England with a BA in history. After moving to Washington, D.C., she worked with autistic children and earned an M.A. in Elementary Education. Kate was research assistant at the American University revising, editing, and contributing to the educational textbook Teachers, Schools and Society. Upon completing her M.A., Kate taught in DC public schools where she developed innovative approaches to utilizing technology in the classroom.


Katherine Volker * Project Manager and Social Studies Content Team Lead * Kent, England

John has multiple degrees, including a B.S. in Biological Sciences, a B.Ed. in High School Science with concentrations in biology and chemistry, and an Masters of Education Technology. John has taught at all levels of middle and high school science as well as served as a French immersion teacher and Vice Principal, and has taught both French and French as a Second Language courses.


John Cunnian * Science Content Developer and Team Lead * Vancouver, BC

Jane has a B.A. in mathematics with high school certification and an M.A. in computer education. Jane has decades of teaching experience, is versed in alternative education methods, and teaches both mathematics courses and university-level teacher education courses in mathematics. Jane has contributed to multiple projects for C3 including online courses, tutorials, and education technology projects.


Jane Moyer * Mathematics Content Developer * Yardley, PA

Kellie has been a C3 writer since 2004. She has a Ph.D. in English, has served as an expert panelist for the National Endowment for the Humanities, and has many years of practice in teaching and writing. Kellie's experience spans the middle and high school grades as well as in the area of teacher professional development, where she has contributed to the development of dozens of PD courses.


Kellie Tabor-Hann * ELA Content Developer * Middletown, RI

Cassandra Love has been with C3 since its inception, working on numerous projects in education technology, search engine management and curation, and the creation of interactive student materials. She has worked on grant programs, served as director of the Coburn Earth Science Museum, and developed an energy resources curriculum, and developed cross-curricular museum programming through a grant from the NC Humanities Council.  Cassandra has a B.S. in Elementary Education.


Cassandra Love * Social Studies Content Developer, Technology Expert  * Candler, NC

Linda is a board certified science education expert in biology and chemistry. She has multiple degress, including an M.S. in chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to over ten years of teaching experience, Linda has developed course scope and sequence documents and course lessons for chemistry, AP chemistry, physics, and calculus. She is well-versed in STEM initiatives, having incorporated a myriad of activities in both her teaching and in course development for C3.


Linda McGuigan *Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus Content Developer * Doylestown, PA

Doug has been one of C3's lead subject matter experts in science since 2005. He has a B.A. and M.S. in biology, decades of teaching experience, and was the the lead contract author for the textbook Nelson Biology, Teacher Edition (1986). In addition, Doug administered a district-wide "Testbank" project, managing the development and maintenance of assessments in all subject areas K-12. Doug brought AP Biology to his district, trainied teachers district-wide on the appropriate development of AP courses, and won the College Board's Appreciation Award for his efforts.


Doug Cunnian * Biology Content Developer and Assessments Specialist * Vancouver, Canada

Kelly has a decades-long career in the Philadelphia Public School District and around the country. He holds advanced degrees in Foreign Language Education and Education Administration. His classroom experience includes Spanish education. ESL, and Special Education. From 1999--2006, Kelly was Principal of Northeast High in Philadelphia, a school with over 3,700 students, where over 57 languages are spoken. Since then, he has traveled the U.S. as a mentor and executive administrative coach to administrators in a number of school districts. From 2009-2010, Kelly was the administrative liaison on A&E's reality documentary TEACH: Tony Danza with the Phila. School District.


B. Kelly Barton * Special Education, Administration, and Professional Development * Philadelphia, PA



Molly Bell  *  Geology  *  Saskatchawan, BC

Melissa Carr  *  Biology  *  Willow Grove, PA

Susan Kite * Biology * Potomac, MD

Doug Cunnian  *  Physics  *  Gabriola Island, BC

John Cunnian  *  Physics  *  Vancouver, BC

Diane Kunitsky  *  Chemistry  *  West Grove, PA

Linda McGuigan  *  Chemistry *  Newtown, PA


Rachel Martinez * Early Childhood & ES Literacy * Gaithersburg, MD

Laura Carmichael * Elementary ELA * W. Henrietta, NY

Kirsten Jones * Advanced Literature and Language * Philadelphia, PA

Doreen Barton * Literacy Specialist * Cape May, NJ

Caroline Quin * Elementary ELA * Stony Point, NY

Jessica Hedges * MS Reading & Literacy Specialist * Bristol, RI

Jillian Corr * Literacy Specialist & Instructional Coach * Menlo Park, CA


Nancy Major * ES Mathematics and Literacy Specialist * Olympia, WA

Lisa Cunnian * Middle School Math & French Immersion * Vancouver, BC

Mary Beth Johnson * Geometry * Plantation, FL

Chris Tappis * Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus * Silver Spring, MD

John Santore * General Mathematics & Computer Tech * Pittsburgh, PA

Cari Darminio * High School Math * Portsmouth, RI

Jane Moyer * High School Math & Computer Ed. * Whitehall, PA


Cassandra Love  *  ES, MS, and HS Social Studies & Homeschooler * Ashleville, NC

Sarah McGovern * Early Childhood & ES Social Studies * Henrietta, NY

Margaret Enos * US and World History (MS and HS) * Broomall, PA

Amanda Dicks * MS and HS History * Holland, PA

Erik Chaput * American and European History * N. Providence, RI

Molly Jessup * American History, Race & Gender * Syracuse, NY

Sarah Jett * HS History and Geography * Charlotte, NC


Kathy Begian  *  Spanish  *  Downingtown, PA

Lenore D'Arpino * Spanish * Rochester, NY

Debra Puccio * French * Henrietta, NY

Lisa Cunnian * French * Vancouver, BC

Heidi Shiver * German * Doylestown, PA

Inge Karlberg-Stannik * German * Doylestown, PA

Lucienne Loman * Spanish & French * Kensington, MD

Nube Latacela Crimi * Spanish * Bangkok, Thailand


Editing, QA, and Tech Support


Dave Baker * IT Consulting and Tech Support * Rustburg, VA

Doreen Barton * ELA Support * Cape May, NJ