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C3 provides customized curricular products and services for school district, corporate, or organizational use, or to brand as your own. Services include concept initiation, research and presentation materials, curricular and web content, and ongoing maintenance and development. C3 also evaluates existing materials to help identify places where filling gaps in existing resources best match the goals of your initiatives.

C3 is pleased to announce the launch of our Free Thought Initiative. As part of our commitment to a quality education for all, and to empower educators and students to effect change in their communities through positive acts, C3 will be supporting nonprofit organizations by providing customized instructional content free of charge.  To learn more about current projects, or to apply for instructional curricular support, click here.  [...]



Can students of all ages help to determine their educational goals and the methods to reach them? Read about research that supports this approach and ways in which educators can facilitate it.   [...]


Through a broad range of educational settings, corporate foundations, and professional organizations, Cross-Curricular Connections' content has reached millions of students through instructional content, in-school programming, assessments, and interactive technologies.


First, let me say you have done an outstanding job on the guide and after our discussion this morning it will be ready to go. I can't think of any more you could possibly do with it at this point. The rest will be guidance and training to the curators...Great work! Fantastic job!!! Very exciting...I'm so glad to have you as a partner - sounds like you are doing an outstanding job on the Curation piece and focusing on the right details!!!


Caleb Schutz  *  CEO  *  SURATION, Inc.



I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the team has been making great progress with the Quiz.  Our system, servers, and the different application environments are all pretty complex and the quiz itself is a very involved interactive… I was impressed with how much was completed in a week’s time as well as the thought that has gone into the development along the way.



Lee Childs  *  Director of Technology  *  MarcoPolo Education Foundation