C3 is pleased to announce the launch of our Free Thought Initiative. As part of our commitment to a quality education for all, and to empower educators and students to effect change in their communities through positive acts, C3 will be supporting nonprofit organizations by providing customized instructional content free of charge.

Project Highlight 

Fiji's National Iron and Micronutrient Supplementation Project


C3 collaborated with Fiji's Ministry of Health & Medical Services and Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts to develop curricula supporting the National Iron and Nutrient Supplementation (NIMS) program. This World Health Organization (WHO) sponsored program seeks to combat iron deficiency throughout Fiji by providing iron tablets to children while educating them on healthy eating. C3 educators and writers produced a cross-curricular instructional guide for educators of students in years 1 through 8 reaching over 150,000 students in 721 schools. The guide encourages educators to channel the learning through existing curriculum goals by providing content for Science, English, Health, and Art classes. In the activities, students use the scientific method to participate in the data collection and analysis of the Iron and Micronutrient program, allowing for a more invested and personalized encounter with the goals of the program.

Submit a Request

We invite any not-for-profit initiative to request instructional design support for their projects. As much as we would like to support all initiatives, we are limited in our ability to do so.


To be considered for support through the Free Thought Initiative, send an email to freethought@crosscurricular.com and be sure to include the following:


Organization Name

Project Title

Project Description

Targeted Grade Levels

Format of the Instructional Content (online, PDF, interactive, etc.)

Goals of the Program and Instructional Content


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